Wireless Networking Part 2c..

The good news is that D-Link Inc have every intention of releasing a Vista driver for the venerable DWL G132 USB LAN adapter………………………. eventually. I would have posted the part of the e-mail I received that discloses this information, but I can’t. I will however post this part of the e-mail as it is not covered by any privilege, confidentiality or copyright issues. ————————————– – Internet E-mail Confidentiality Statement-This email is privileged, confidential and subject to copyright. Any unauthorized use or disclosure is prohibited.Le contenu du pr’esent courriel est privil’egi’e, confidentiel soumis `a des droits d’auteur. Il est interdit de … Continue reading Wireless Networking Part 2c..

Wireless Networking Part 2b..

.. or in this case, NOT 2b.. [:S]  The D-Link DWL G132 USB wireless LAN adapter has no native Vista support, no driver on the supplied CD that works, and no hint of a Vista driver on the D-Link home page. This is sad really, because the device is available almost anywhere, and will have been bought by owners of older laptops which didn’t have built-in wireless support, or desktop owners not brave enough to open up the case and fit a PCI card type. The worst of it is that Vista recognizes it to be a USB WLAN device, but … Continue reading Wireless Networking Part 2b..

Wireless Networking Part 2..

When I promised to report on the aftermath of installing a D-Link DWL G520 (series B) wireless PCI card into a Vista machine, I fully expected to write in similar style as I did to D-Link support, having had nothing but trouble when installed into an XP machine. My friendly approach with D-Link in the initial stages turned to dismay and outright anger as, regardless of anything tried, I could not get the card to work for more than an hour or so. Even a completely fresh XP installation yielded the same BSOD. I was not alone either, having found forums … Continue reading Wireless Networking Part 2..

Microsoft Input Devices.. an update..

A hardware update for Microsoft wireless input devices has finally been released that fixes the problem of the screensaver not activating after the time period set by the user. A visit to Windows Update will see the fix downloaded and installed, no reboot necessary. [:D]

nVidia driver update..

DON’T DO IT! Don’t update nVidia graphics drivers. It doesn’t matter that you don’t have full functionality with the basic driver that Vista first supplied (what am I saying?). It just doesn’t, because the alternative is games that don’t run well at all, jittery scrolling on websites, and any attempt to ‘roll back’ to the previous driver leaves the user with web pages that flash like all hell when a mouse is run across them. Whether the updates come from Windows Vista Update or from the nVidia website, the results are the same.  Failure to comply with the above will see a … Continue reading nVidia driver update..

Wireless Networking..

I installed a D-Link DWL G520 wireless network card into my main production computer this morning. All was much as one would expect. The side cover came away painlessly, and the PCI card slotted in without undue effort. It is a little closer to the intake fan on my MSI NV 6600 graphics card than I would like to see, but with only two PCI slots available, and a 56k Intel modem taking up the other slot, there is nothing to be done. OK, that was the easy part. Now to power it all up and see what happens. According to theory, Windows should recognise the card, but … Continue reading Wireless Networking..