Wireless Networking Part 2c..

The good news is that D-Link Inc have every intention of releasing a Vista driver for the venerable DWL G132 USB LAN adapter………………………. eventually.

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Testing of the D-Link DWL G132 USB LAN adapter has now been shelved, pending release of a suitable driver, until eventually.


One thought on “Wireless Networking Part 2c..

  1. Dlink G-132 …forget about this working in vista….this thing was hardly working in XP…it keeps on disconnecting on xp and vista..have to reboot the computer to make it work again…..this thing was driving me PSHYCOOOO…spent £40 on this ..probably cost me over £4000 of mental stress ..because it can’t do what it says on the damn box…..untill i gave up on wireless….now i have a 30 meter Belkin cat 5 ethernet cable to link my PC on first floor to router on ground floor… never mind the cable all over the house….just be in peace that u r online aall the time ..and no more connection breaking off….i am (NEVER NEVER)^infinity going to buy anything that from D LINK….and i suggest all to make sure of any compatibility issues when buying things…may there be PEACE for all..

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