Four months later..

I still like Vista. It is more restful on the eyes. The stark, old fashioned look of XP classic mode, Fisher-Price blue/green, clunky Zune or Royal Noir are but a distant memory. I do re-visit to run updates, but these days it is more like tending the grave of an old friend.

All is not green this side of the fence, though. UAC doesn’t trouble me at all. I have it turned off. The terrible pestilences have not landed on my Vista button yet, but I do not stand as high as corn in a field, displaying an ‘Eat me’ sign at all points of the compass.

IE7 lacks the protection that UAC affords it, but I don’t open the mail that tells me I have won the Microsoft Online Lottery, or check details of a ‘Bank of America’ account that I know I don’t have.

File tarnsfer is still criminally slow at times. I am annoyed when I see a green bar holding station and a popup notice advising me that the computer is calculating the time taken to do not a whole hell of a lot. Vista does a great deal of calculating but, all too often, it appears to be calculating how many times to flash the HDD activity LED. It does a great job.

I utilise a D-Link G520 wireless PCI card alongside the RealTek hardwired NIC, but the driver doesn’t show it as a 108mb connection. It may as well be the 54mb G510. D-Link have introduced better wireless hardware now, but I do not feel disposed to replacing the entire wireless network. What I have still works.

My MSI N6600 TD256E video card does all that I need except give me the dual monitor utilities I liked so much when running XP. The N6600 is old hat now, and I suspect that nVidia will not bother with more than the basic drivers. I feel a little put out that a better effort could not have been made to do a full set earlier. One can’t help but feel that nVidia were dragging their feet, preferring to put effort into more recent models. I do not feel disposed to changing the video card either. What I have still works.

Office 2007 is still impressive, and so far I have resisted changing the ribbon for a more familiar look. I am still not too adept at finding everything at first attempt, but I can live with it. When one only types at 40 wpm, finding ‘line spacing’ quickly just doesn’t have any importance. It is a welcome break after such hectic activity. Outlook still struggles with add-ins, choosing to crash when I need it most, that is sending e-mails. 

Everything else works fine. The aging LiDE scanner works, but with no integration with Fax and Scan. No WIA driver, no Fax and Scan. Canon North America will not play ball even though the LiDE range is till on shelves. My HP 5150 still churns out hard copies well enough. I can burn CD/DVDs and my selection of games work better than I can play them.

Vista will get better. It deserves to win. Those who complain that it takes over should take a trip down Memory Lane with Windows 3.11. Windows has come a long way.  

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