Prologue Wait up. I hear voices in the wind. “…. I didn’t know how to work the program… nobody told me I had to do it… I didn’t have any blank CD/DVDs… my friend who is a computer expert told me that it was unnecessary.. I never read all of that crap which pops up when the computer starts… ” What this means to you.. Great answers, but none will get back the photographs of your ‘once in a lifetime world tour’, or the poetry you painstakingly typed out as it came into your head. They are all gone, my … Continue reading EMERGENCY, EMERGENCY.. MACHINE DOWN!!!.. BREAK OUT THE BACKUPS..

Vista’s 1st Birthday..

The Delivery From the point where I knew that Vista RTM was on its way, I had a nerve wracking time in MS Connect. I had already downloaded Office 2007 earlier in the day, and was now pacing the floor, continually stopping at the screen to see if Vista was there. At maybe 21:00 hrs on the evening of November 17th 2006, Vista RTM was in the right position, and the ISO download began. An hour and a half later, the ISO having being securely saved, XP and Nero 6 performed their final task on my computer, creating the Vista … Continue reading Vista’s 1st Birthday..

CD/DVD Burning – It should be easy..

Windows Vista and XP burning facilities don’t tell you much. It is good to be able to see what is happening, how much space is being used, whether it will all fit, organizing the CD/DVD creation structure. There are free utilities that will do this, but at a basic level, and there are commercial applications offering a much better grasp. Two well known software houses, Roxio and Nero, offer suites of applications (both cost around $100) which include the facility to burn optical media, but not all of us want a suite of applications which take over every last multimedia file on … Continue reading CD/DVD Burning – It should be easy..