Clean and learn..

Remember ‘First Aid’, ‘RegClean’, or ‘CleanSweep’, ‘Norton System Doctor’, or ‘Nuts n Bolts’? If you were a Windows 9x tinkerer, you might. The idea behind them was to aid the computer user in case of problems, and boy did some people have problems!! First Aid promised to fix lots of things, and it did as long as it knew about everything. Unfortunately, anything it didn’t know was flagged as a fault, and countless hours could be spent tracking down a fault that ‘wasn’t!! CleanSweep promised a great deal too. As long as it was installed, it could track installation files … Continue reading Clean and learn..

Why some games may not play too well..

When I first started to use Vista, I was surprised at what would run. Virtually everything I had was ok, games included. However, while games in general would run, some didn’t run particularly well. The high end games like Fable, CFS3, Halo and Age of Empires III were good as long as detail was kept at either a normal or low level, and this was largely due to video drivers not being all that they could have been. Since those early days, video drivers have improved a great deal, and game play is way better than it was, but some … Continue reading Why some games may not play too well..

Page File Placement..

Page files do not exist purely to use up valuable hard drive real estate. Windows is not the only OS to use a page file. The page file is not part of some underhand Microsoft scheme to force you to go out and buy a larger hard drive. The page file exists to help you, to extend your system beyond the set boundary of installed RAM. Data is placed in the page file if it is likely to be used again quickly but where storage in RAM would be a waste. You should let Windows look after your page file, … Continue reading Page File Placement..

Office 2007 SP1..

… is now ready for download. You can also get Visio 2007 and Project 2007 service packs too. Office 2007 SP1 may require a reboot, presumably dependant upon version is installed, but Visio and project do not. You can choose to wait for them to appear in WU, of course..