4gb RAM installed but only 3gb RAM shows..

“This behaviour is the expected result of certain hardware and software factors.

Various devices in a typical computer require memory-mapped access. This is known as memory-mapped I/O (MMIO). For the MMIO space to be available to 32-bit operating systems, the MMIO space must reside within the first 4 GB of address space.

For example, if you have a video card that has 256 MB of onboard memory, that memory must be mapped within the first 4 GB of address space. If 4 GB of system memory is already installed, part of that address space must be reserved by the graphics memory mapping. Graphics memory mapping overwrites a part of the system memory. These conditions reduce the total amount of system memory that is available to the operating system.

The reduction in available system memory depends on the devices that are installed in the computer. However, to avoid potential driver compatibility issues, the 32-bit versions of Windows Vista limit the total available memory to 3.12 GB.”

The above is is an extract from a Microsoft web site. If you want to read more, click on the link..


3 thoughts on “4gb RAM installed but only 3gb RAM shows..

  1. But i switched to a 64bit OS (windows server ’08) and it still shows 3gig… any idea on how i can fix that?

  2. Digital Memory sure is becoming cheaper these days. I wonder when we will eventually reach the rate of 1c to 1 GB.

    I can’t wait for the day when I will finally be able to afford a 20 terabyte drive, hahaha. But for now I will be content with having a 32 GB Micro SD in my R4i.

    (Posted by NetServ for R4i Nintendo DS.)

  3. The first answer explained the reason of your problem.

    The motherboard chipset must support at least 8GB of address space and the BIOS must support memory remapping. You need to enable memory remapping in BIOS.

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