Defragmenting without the tears..

For those of you who are suffering withdrawal since the Vista backroom boys took away the visual part of defragmentation, you can come out now.

The nice people at Diskeeper Corporation have just what you need, and prices start from only $29.95 for the Home version.

I know what you are thinking. The nice people at Diskeeper Corporation are bound to extol the virtues of their own offering but is it all that they claim?

Well, I have been running Diskeeper 2008 since it was first released. It is a breeze to install, and once on the system, you will not even notice it working. Hang on. I will just check that it actually is still there.

Diskeeper 2008

Yes, here it is. Diskeeper 2008 really does work very quietly in the background, and you will not even notice the HDD LED flashing away like mad when the computer is at idle. If you do not believe me, download a trial version and see for yourself.    

One thought on “Defragmenting without the tears..

  1. After using Vista for over a year now I have to admit I didn’t necessarily miss seeing the defrag UI, but it is strange to “Lose” the UI in a new version.

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