Life after Vista SP1..

You know something has worked well when newsgroup ‘nay sayers’ fall silent or suddenly change sides.

Windows XP had problems when first released. Make no mistake, it was a quantum leap forwards especially for Windows 9x/ME users, but it was dogged by incompatibility issues. Anybody who can’t remember this either has a short memory or wasn’t around at the time. Windows XP really came of age after the SP2 update which, it has to be said, was a whole lot more than just an update roll-up.

The first thing you may notice is that the SP1 update has eaten up a great deal of hard drive real estate. It is quite a large file in itself but when it runs, it backs up data which is replaced with new stuff, and it doesn’t clean up automatically after installation.

Fortunately, there is a small file called ‘Vsp1cln.exe’ included in SP1 which can be manually run.  Do an advanced search for the file, remembering to check the box to include non-indexed and hidden files. When found, double click on it and a small ‘command’ window will appear. It will ask you if you want to continue, and will warn you that SP1 will be a permanent fixture if you answer ‘Y’.

Go on.. Press Y. See, that didn’t hurt at all, did it? When it has finished, and you can tell when it has because the command window will just disappear, run Disk Cleanup.

You should now see an end to reports where Vista is telling you that it will take 10 years to move a few megabytes of data from one place to another. In fact, your computer will seem more sprightly across the board. If it isn’t, you still have other issues, maybe bad drivers or less than optimum hardware and software kicking around, or there just aren’t the physical resources available.

Vista works better with 2gb RAM, just as XP worked better with 512mb and more. Also ensure that the partition size is ample for Vista to move around. Look to setting aside 60gb. This will give space enough for page files, games, Office suites, and future updates etc. Forget the resource requirements of earlier versions of Windows. This is Vista, and Vista should have what Vista needs.

From what I have experienced on my own system, coming out of sleep can still sometimes be slow. To be honest, it isn’t really an issue, and I put it down to the queue of processes waiting to execute. I feel sure that, after hours of sleep, my IMAP mail account in Outlook 2007, endeavouring to sort junk mail from good mail, is a prime contributor to the hold up. You may well have a process similar which holds your system up too.

Windows Explorer still presents windows which do not hold ‘view’ settings, but there is a way to overcome this. Take a look here..

OK. For me, its business as usual, running Vista full time. Apologies XP, my old friend, I am glad to have known you but you look tired and old these days.

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