A new look..

The view through ‘Mikes Window’ has not changed, but look at the nice new frame.

I have been messing with different themes for this blog, looking for something more modern than the 70’s ‘dumb terminal’ appearance, and of the choices available to me, I find this one more stylish.

The body text has a softer appearance than I would like when viewed on my LCD panel, but when viewed on a CRT type monitor, the text is better defined. If I adjust the text appearance, it starts to look quite ‘bold’ on a CRT.

Susan Bradley, SBS Diva and fellow Microsoft MVP, has also recently changed to this look too, and she sees it as moving the furniture around.

We guys don’t move furniture around, do we, preferring to mindlessly head for and slump onto the couch after a hard day at the game in the knowledge that the couch was where we left it just hours before.

Anyway, the ITR window and ClustrMap survived the change, and I have managed to fix the MVP Official Logo to the wall. Beyond that, I know less than nothing about dressing up a Community Server Blog, so the minimalist look will have to do for now.

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