Low Virtual Memory Warnings..

.. happen because you thought that.. 1. your friend was right about having everything run in RAM, so you deleted the page file.. 2. you thought that you could recoup some badly needed and, in your opinion, wasted hard drive space, so you deleted it or made it smaller.. 3. you filled up your hard drive with data files etc to the point where the inclusion of a frog’s hair would not be possible.. 4. all of the above was a good idea at the time..   #1 applies to the newbie who lacks assertiveness skills in the face of … Continue reading Low Virtual Memory Warnings..

Need for Speed – Vista vs XP

I now have conclusive proof that Vista is ‘apparently’ every bit as fast as XP.. For all of these tests, I followed exactly the same procedures each time. The installations are on individual drives in the same machine, not set up as dual boot. The applications installed are the same types, as are the amount of startup items and types the same. OK, ready? 0 – 60 .. The morning rush.. Microsoft Windows XP Pro SP2: Walked up to the desk and hit the power button, filled up the kettle with a view to making a cup of green tea, … Continue reading Need for Speed – Vista vs XP