Moving Can Be So Traumatic..

I have recently moved from Eastern Ontario across to the South West of the province. The move itself was not too bad, and within a couple of days, I had set up my computers, cables etc, and connection to Rogers Internet. This part was not all plain sailing.

In order to protect my main computer, I placed it into the case’s original packing box.

  • The ‘inspection hatch’ was not fixed down because I forgot to replace the thumbscrews.

  • The shape of the case had changed ever so slightly after I had installed the motherboard and other parts.

  • Pushing it back into the original packing box displaced the video card and memory modules ever so slightly.

The result was that the computer was a little unhappy at first power up. A few minutes work saw everything back as it should be, and the machine powered up.. for maybe 90 minutes.  A reboot fixed the problem for another 90 minutes or so.

The fans were ok, the CPU heatsink was cool enough, cables all secure. RAM checked out ok, and there were no driver issues. I removed my shiny stainless steel encased mega power supply, and replaced it with a cheapie I had kicking around, and guess what? It didn’t cut out.

So I took the good one apart, cleaned it all out, reassembled it, re-installed it, and within a few minutes, it had cut out again. The cheapie is presently doing a great job!!

Computers of the desktop kind or larger do not like being moved about, especially if the case side panels are not fixed down to prevent warping. Strange faults develop. Shiny power supplies roll over and pass to the other side.

I have settled in now, as has my computer. All is well once again with the world.

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