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The Vista language packs are back..

.. for those of you who like to switch to some obscure language and then see if you can find your way back to an operating system that you understand. There are thirty four packs on offer, essentially thirty two different languages as Chinese and Portuguese are offered in two versions.

The choice of language sounds like a good thing if, for instance, you and your spouse/partner have different native tongues, or you have bought a computer while travelling. From what I have seen, the greater majority of computers on general worldwide sale are pre-loaded with versions for which a change of language is not possible, i.e. Home Premium and Basic.

If you don’t already have Vista, please take note of this if you feel that you need multiple language functionality. Home Premium and Basic do NOT cut it.

DreamScene content pack #3

Just when you thought it was safe, now you can have a rotating thingamabob which appears to be firing tracer rounds at a target too far away to be be seen, two versions of Chinese Water Torture, Maple leaves in the Fall but not yet fallen, a ‘Mantracker’ scene where the two victims are trying to hide in a small bush (bottom left) in a bid not to be noticed, weeds wafting on a summers evening, rain falling on a city sidewalk which needs re-laying as there is way too much surface water present, a babbling brook which doesn’t ‘babble’ (courtesy of no sound being available), and a birds eye view of a fire pit (Woodstock style).

If ever there was a time for Johnny Castaway to be reborn, this is it. At least it would be interesting.

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