Windows Update – Code 57A

If you have attempted to install the latest round of Office updates via Windows Update, there is a very good chance of seeing this error code. There is a fix, but it is quite severe and may leave you with the task of creating new user accounts if your computer is set up for multiple users. It requires the downloading and installation of a utility the ability to search for, find, open and understand the first line in a log file (optional) the creation of a ‘batch’ file the ‘nerve’ to run the batch file Are you still in the … Continue reading Windows Update – Code 57A

Setting Up An e-mail Account..

.. with your Internet Service Provider is easy. All you have to do is call ISP support, and a ‘technician’ will walk you through the process. Whether you are  using Windows Mail, Outlook Express, Outlook, Thunderbird, Entourage or whatever, calling your Internet Service Provider is the best and easiest way. When you subscribed to your ISP, they would have given you one e-mail address based upon the name with which you subscribed. For example:  All mail client programs have similar set up routines where you have to enter your name, your given e-mail ID and password. This is the … Continue reading Setting Up An e-mail Account..

Et Tu, AVG?

Version 8.0 Is NOT compatible with SpywareBlaster or Spybot ‘immunize’ features. The AVG people are well aware of this and sent this e-mail to a user in response to problems encountered, suggesting the following actions.. Dear Sir/Madam, According to your e-mail, we would like to inform you with that, the situation, which you have described is most probably really caused by using SpywareBlaster security application on your computer, which contains “immunize” feature. This feature is causing that, it will overwrite mentioned ActiveX registry entries by it’s own values to avoid some spyware to overwrite these registry keys by maliciousvalues. However, … Continue reading Et Tu, AVG?

Where To Get Device Drivers ..

Windows Update should only be used to obtain drivers for a device in your computer if you are unable to locate drivers for a simple generic device like, for example, an internal modem or network interface card. You could take a chance and try others which are offered but so many have problems doing this, and it is NOT to be recommended unless you like sitting through a system restore or driver rollback. The first port of call for owners of laptops and major manufacturer desktops like HP and Dell should always be the manufacturer web site. Devices in OEM … Continue reading Where To Get Device Drivers ..