Where To Get Device Drivers ..

Windows Update should only be used to obtain drivers for a device in your computer if you are unable to locate drivers for a simple generic device like, for example, an internal modem or network interface card.

You could take a chance and try others which are offered but so many have problems doing this, and it is NOT to be recommended unless you like sitting through a system restore or driver rollback.

The first port of call for owners of laptops and major manufacturer desktops like HP and Dell should always be the manufacturer web site. Devices in OEM machines may well sport well known brand names like RealTek, ATI and nVidia but more often than not, they are proprietary versions requiring proprietary drivers.

A good example is the ubiquitous US Robotics modem. USR OEM modem drivers are NOT available from the 3COM/USR web site. The model number will be specific to the machine into which it is originally fitted.

Owners of ‘home built’ or custom machines, you are on your own. There is no one stop pickup area other than the initial small stack of installation CDs supplied with each of the parts. One of the problems with the stack is that some of the drivers may be getting a little long in the tooth. It is not easy to see how long a product has been sitting on the shelf of your favorite retailer.

If ever I buy something for my computer which requires drivers, my first task is to go to the product manufacturer web site and appropriate the latest driver, saving it to my backup drive.

And by the way, if ever I buy parts for my computer, I always buy well recognized makes. A product is only as good as the support behind it. The ‘bargain’ computer stores may seem like a good place to shop, but their prices will be only marginally below the cost of the good stuff. In my opinion, decent long term online support is worth more than the little bit I would save by using the ‘cheap’ stores.

In case you need to identify internal parts such that you can obtain the correct device driver, you will need a program like SIW.


It’s free too.. 

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