Setting Up An e-mail Account..

.. with your Internet Service Provider is easy. All you have to do is call ISP support, and a ‘technician’ will walk you through the process. Whether you are  using Windows Mail, Outlook Express, Outlook, Thunderbird, Entourage or whatever, calling your Internet Service Provider is the best and easiest way.

When you subscribed to your ISP, they would have given you one e-mail address based upon the name with which you subscribed.

For example: 

All mail client programs have similar set up routines where you have to enter your name, your given e-mail ID and password. This is the easy part.

What is not so obvious is what you have to enter for incoming and outgoing mail servers. In many cases, your ISP will have support pages which include the information, but it may not be too easy to find.

Even if you do come across the server information, there are still hurdles to cross. You may have to opt for ‘secure authentication’, incoming and outgoing. Your mail provider may use different port settings to the default mail client set up.

So now do you see why it is best to opt for the walk through? Smart people will take this option the first time, writing down notes as they go such that they can complete the process on their own next time. And there will be a ‘next time’.

OK, now you have a mail account.. 

.. but your ISP will allow you to have multiple accounts.

You can’t just enter a new account into your mail client and expect it to work. First, you have to register the new account with your ISP. This can be done by either calling the ISP or locating the ‘add a new account’ support page on the ISP web site.

For more information on using Outlook which can be a little daunting at first..

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