This is why.. Even in the cleanest of domestic and commercial environments, a computer will manage to attract dust. A fair amount gets blown through the system as can be seen if you look at the wall or partition behind the case. Some of the lighter particles travel up with the warm air and are caught on the wall just above the case. Heavier particles fall to the floor. Go take a look, and remember that this is only the stuff which escapes all of the catchment areas in the computer case. Power supplies always suck air OUT of the … Continue reading Overheating?

You may know somebody like this..

A priceless post found in a Windows newsgroup. More scary than the post is the fact that somebody like this may be ‘fixing’ your computer. Techies such as this one even make the big store service departments look good. “Once you’ve started using a good registry cleaner (like Registry Smart) on your own PC, you might want to try your hand at using it to earn you a little extra money. With a little computer knowledge, a registry cleaner and an EBay account, it’s pretty easy to turn computers other people are replacing into cash. Here’s the same method I’ve … Continue reading You may know somebody like this..

Backing up without running out of space..

Bearing in mind that a single DVD will not hold a backup image of your Vista installation, and that computer manufacturers do not include a second hard drive or external backup device specifically for the purpose, do NOT attempt a full system backup until you have purchased extra hardware specifically for the purpose. System boot drives work hard and are prone to failure because of this. A backup stored on a second partition will be lost in the event that the boot drive fails. This is why manufacturers always suggest that a recovery set is generated from the recovery partition. … Continue reading Backing up without running out of space..