You may know somebody like this..

A priceless post found in a Windows newsgroup. More scary than the post is the fact that somebody like this may be ‘fixing’ your computer. Techies such as this one even make the big store service departments look good.

“Once you’ve started using a good registry cleaner (like Registry Smart) on your own PC, you might want to try your hand at using it to earn you a little extra money. With a little computer knowledge, a registry cleaner and an EBay account, it’s pretty easy to turn computers other people are replacing into cash. Here’s the same method I’ve used to make a quick few hundred bucks here and there. First, start browsing local online classifieds like or even the classifieds in your local paper for people looking to get rid of an old computer. Find out the manufacturer, model and any technical specs you can before going to see it or making an offer to purchase. Take that information and do a little research online for what the computer would actually sell for if it were in perfect working order. If the asking price is well below the price it would sell for if it were new, make an offer. If not, offer the seller an amount well below the price you think you could sell it for. Once you have the old clunker back at your place, load it up with your registry cleaner of choice and let it do its thing. “17865 Errors Found”? Big surprise! No wonder they wanted to get rid of it! The only thing really wrong with the computer is that its previous owner didn’t know how to take care of it. You do however, and that’s what’s going to make you money….
Registry Repair:

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