Have A Nice Day..

The contents of website  can bring frustration at the time, but be followed by tears of laughter when looking back at the events. However, there is a class of client that can you leave you wondering why you bother at all. http://www.rinkworks.com/stupid/cs_keyboards.shtml If, during a visit to a doctor, you fail to tell the doctor exactly what the symptoms are, you would not expect to get a correct diagnosis and subsequent treatment. So why would anybody expect a computer technician to be able to fix a problem in five minutes unless given the correct information. Why do end users feel the … Continue reading Have A Nice Day..

Add Bloat To Taste

Actually, I hate the word ‘bloat’, but I use it now because it is bandied around quite a lot. According to sources, the next version of Windows will no longer include an e-mail client, picture viewer, and MovieMaker. It is said that this will benefit the user in as much as the latest versions of whatever Windows mail client and picture viewer can be downloaded within the first few minutes of use. Now some people will be really pleased about this. You know the types, the ones who go into spasm if they see an icon for something they did … Continue reading Add Bloat To Taste

That Darn Magnifier..

I doubt that many people ever knew what the additional buttons on a modern mouse did until fairly recently. Just so that we are on the same page, I have included a picture of a Microsoft Wireless Optical Mouse 5000, where you will see a red arrow pointing to the auxiliary buttons. In the days when the default button setting was ‘Forwards – Backwards’, not a great deal would happen if one accidentally pressed either of them. These days, the default setting for the ‘Forward’ button is the Windows Magnifier. So, if the Windows Magnifier pops up out of the … Continue reading That Darn Magnifier..

Even Script Kiddies Can Do It..

I always tell my clients who have a small business not to use Hotmail or Yahoo mail accounts. It doesn’t look too professional.. They can be hacked so easily.. There are even hacking instructions on the Internet. I’ll wager that there are a good few mail accounts being deleted presently. Governor Sarah Palin’s Yahoo account has been hacked, and odds on that the same groups, and no doubt others, are feverishly trying other names of people in high places. to see what they can find.  Laughable really that people in high places try to hide what they are doing in … Continue reading Even Script Kiddies Can Do It..

More Spam Stupidity..

Received today.. NOD32 took out the attachment.. Message title – Your internet access is going to get suspended “The Internet Service Provider Consorcium was made to protect the rights of software authors, artists. We conduct regular wiretapping on our networks, to monitor criminal acts. We are aware of your illegal activities on the internet wich were originating from You can check the report of your activities in the past 6 month that we have attached. We strongly advise you to stop your activities regarding the illegal downloading of copyrighted material of your internet access will be suspended. Sincerely ICS Monitoring … Continue reading More Spam Stupidity..

Déjà Vu..

OK, I did it. Totally had it with bloatware. It’s all gone. I turned off almost every service, dumped WordPad, Character Map, deleted fonts, screensavers, wallpaper. This machine is so lean that it can’t even send anything to a printer anymore. I have said no to security updates, and no more silly anti-virus running. What’s the point of having stuff like that on the computer if it can’t connect to anything anymore. But no matter, this machine will boot from cold to a blank screen and no frills taskbar in 7.5 secs. But it still wasn’t professional enough. To be … Continue reading Déjà Vu..

Ultimate Defrag.. Ultimate fun..

What can be more fun than watching a ‘Roomba’ in action, windshield wipers clearing rain, clothes swishing around in a front loading wash machine or dryer. Ask your pet dog or cat. As members of the genus ‘Homo Sapiens’, we are above this kind of behaviour, yes? Nooooooooooooooo, we are most definitely not. Once introduced to these simple pleasures, some experience cold turkey when access is denied. In this way, it is a sad sight indeed to watch a former Windows 98 user scour a computer, looking for the fix that is little blue squares shuffling around. Lets face it, … Continue reading Ultimate Defrag.. Ultimate fun..

W3C compliance.. Will I ever get there?

There are some who will tell you that Microsoft FrontPage was garbage, that it didn’t adhere to Internet standards, needed what was known as FrontPage extensions installed on the hosting server, that web sites created in it all had the ‘FrontPage’ look. It was easy to create a web site. Good templates plus the ability to work exclusively in ‘design’ mode ensured that the creator didn’t need to have any working knowledge of HTML Maybe some effects were out of reach, but if the creator wanted a half decent web site with spinning logos, visitor counters, photo galleries, links to … Continue reading W3C compliance.. Will I ever get there?

Herbal tea soothes Vista crashes?

I wonder what one takes for Mac crashes? A second mortgage perhaps? Herbal tea is a cheap alternative and would last for quite some while, especially as Vista crashes are not the norm. Some may be amused by the Apple adverts, but they leave me cold. Can’t they highlight anything good about their own product? Maybe price advantage? Oops, they don’t have that going for them, do they. Ok, cute styling then. Yes, they have that over PCs, but that is also one of the reasons for having no price advantage. When the only attribute you have over competition is … Continue reading Herbal tea soothes Vista crashes?