Ultimate Defrag.. Ultimate fun..

What can be more fun than watching a ‘Roomba’ in action, windshield wipers clearing rain, clothes swishing around in a front loading wash machine or dryer. Ask your pet dog or cat. As members of the genus ‘Homo Sapiens’, we are above this kind of behaviour, yes?

Nooooooooooooooo, we are most definitely not. Once introduced to these simple pleasures, some experience cold turkey when access is denied. In this way, it is a sad sight indeed to watch a former Windows 98 user scour a computer, looking for the fix that is little blue squares shuffling around.

Lets face it, shifting sections of ribbon seen in Windows 2000 and XP just don’t cut it, even if they are pretty ones a la Diskeeper 2008. PerfectDisk is closer to the original concept of visual defragmenters, but my computer doesn’t like it and neither do I.

So, are you ready for this? Take a look at the screenshot below..

11-Sep-08 10-15-45

Hot stuff eh, and if you think that this is good, the view changes colours as the defrag progresses.

It is no speed freak, but you can restrict the amount of resource it uses, and the way it defrags and what it defrags.

Instead of the old boring left to right shuffling, what you get is a representation of the disk surface, and of course a representation of the files pieces being moved around.

This is version 1, it works with Windows XP and Vista, and is offered free to users. There is a 2008 version for which you have to pay. So take that trembling hand of yours and just ‘click on the pic’ to jump to the authors website (it will appear in a new window) and the chance to experience the ‘Ultimate Defrag’.

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