Déjà Vu..

OK, I did it. Totally had it with bloatware. It’s all gone. I turned off almost every service, dumped WordPad, Character Map, deleted fonts, screensavers, wallpaper. This machine is so lean that it can’t even send anything to a printer anymore.

I have said no to security updates, and no more silly anti-virus running. What’s the point of having stuff like that on the computer if it can’t connect to anything anymore. But no matter, this machine will boot from cold to a blank screen and no frills taskbar in 7.5 secs.

But it still wasn’t professional enough. To be a superGeek, I needed to be able to dual boot to a Linux distro. I decided to go with Ubuntu Studio as it looks pretty cool, and once loaded, deleted all of the crappy multimedia media stuff and Open Office. So now Ubuntu boots fast too.

What a machine. Wow!! It’s about time that the code writers realized that we superGeeks want raw performance. When we pay out $800 for a PC, we want speed, not something designed for a ‘tractor pulling’ event. You have to admit that it is disgusting when one has to pay over $500 for a bloat ridden, ugly PC. What are the manufacturers thinking about here?

I play games on a newly purchased $240 Xbox 360, not that I was suffering withdrawal from being ‘Masterchief’ or anything like that. For e-mail and listening to music, I saved resources by purchasing a $2500 MacBook Pro. Gotta look good while deleting spam mail from my inbox, eh!! This’ll teach the PC crooks not to overcharge me for a hard drive full of bloat.

Waaaaaaa.. multiple long beeps.. my PC memory has gone.. oh noooooooooo. Wait up. Oh thank you, thank you, thank you. It is just the radio alarm clock. Phew, already 6:30am, and I have a long day ahead of me. I am going to remove all of that bloaty stuff from my PC today..   

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