Even Script Kiddies Can Do It..

I always tell my clients who have a small business not to use Hotmail or Yahoo mail accounts.

  1. It doesn’t look too professional..
  2. They can be hacked so easily..

There are even hacking instructions on the Internet.

I’ll wager that there are a good few mail accounts being deleted presently. Governor Sarah Palin’s Yahoo account has been hacked, and odds on that the same groups, and no doubt others, are feverishly trying other names of people in high places. to see what they can find.  Laughable really that people in high places try to hide what they are doing in the most transparent places.

Anybody who has frequented Yahoo chat will know all about Yahoo accounts being hacked by script kiddies. What can be worse than having somebody breach your account and then send offensive e-mails to everybody in your address book, or discovering the people to whom you send amorous content?

I will tell you. It is being dumb enough to use a Hotmail or Yahoo account for anything other than SPAM collection.

If Google and others have their way, everything you do will be stored somewhere on the Web. Wait until your cloud account gets breached, all your info disappears, gets copied for ransom, or somebody on your behalf subscribes to stuff that you do not want but will have to pay for. That could make a high spec standalone PC with ‘Microsoft Office – The DVD’ installed look like the bargain of the century.

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