Have A Nice Day..

The contents of website  can bring frustration at the time, but be followed by tears of laughter when looking back at the events. However, there is a class of client that can you leave you wondering why you bother at all.


If, during a visit to a doctor, you fail to tell the doctor exactly what the symptoms are, you would not expect to get a correct diagnosis and subsequent treatment. So why would anybody expect a computer technician to be able to fix a problem in five minutes unless given the correct information.happysad

Why do end users feel the need to come out with bare faced lies? We all get problems now and again, do something stupid that leads to one error after another. There is no shame involved.   

Why after maybe a month does one get a call to say that the DVD drive isn’t working and hasn’t since last the computer was fixed? How does a computer get struck by lightning during the longest drought on record? Why do they say that the cat or the dog did it? Why do they say that nobody has touched the computer, even though the lack of side panel fixing screws and multiple entries for analogue modems in the Networking window suggests otherwise?

Strange how some will believe that a computer can divulge all kinds of stuff if in the right hands yet, at the same time, don’t think that you will ‘find them out’!!

Fortunately, there are not too many of this type around, yet they can singlehandedly spoil one’s day to the point where you just feeling like telling the world to shove it.  

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