Ultimate Extras..

The promised ‘extras’ were not a good reason to purchase Vista Ultimate. We have until now received some dreamscenes (oh my) and Texas Hold’em (yeehaw, NOT). It couldn’t have been much worse, but nobody in their right mind would have bought Ultimate just on a promise now, would they!!Tinker

But wait. In the last few days, there has been a light at the end of the tunnel. Nope, not a light but a very cute and addictive robot called Tinker. For those of you who do not have Vista Ultimate, here is a picture.

When the game puzzle starts, Tinker appears on a nicely polished oak cabinet. Through a clear pane in the side of the cabinet, you can see the mechanics which work the timer and ‘turn’ countdown. Beneath his feet is a checker board on which are scattered a variety of obstacles.

By negotiating a series of switches, lasers, elevators, pressure pads and movable blocks, Tinker eventually steps onto a revolving pad at which point, you get a ‘twirl’. There is a tutorial level and then two sets of twenty levels each.

Hopefully, this game marks the start of a very much higher calibre for Ultimate Extras.

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