Cheap Apples..

Rumour has it that Apple may release an $800 laptop/notebook. Presently, no Mac sells for under $1000, so this is good news, yes?

I looked at the Mac range, and entry level is the MacBook at $1099. It has a specification much like a cheap Acer, Dell or HP running Vista, but the display is smaller. If you want a 15″ screen, you have to go up a level to MacBook Pro. The price almost doubles too, by the way.

Now, from what I read, this could be something of a threat to the makers of ‘Vista laptops’. My math is not that bad, and neither is my surfing skill. You can pick up a small 15″ Vista laptop for $600.

I can’t see Apple just cutting the price of the MacBook, and if they were to do that by reducing the overall specification, it could be quite restrictive. Also, the price differential between the MacBook and Pro would not look good at all. There would surely have to be a new model. The question is this:

How much bigger than an iPod would this $800 laptop be?

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