Microsoft drop the Vista brand!!

Yes, it really is true. The next incarnation of Windows will not be called ‘Vista’. It will be called ‘7’. Need some time to take that in? Did you think that it would be called ‘Vista’

The anti-Vista brigade claim that this is conformation that even Microsoft think that Vista is crap. The thing is that Vista is not, was not a brand. It was a version name. The ‘brand’ is Microsoft Windows, and Microsoft is not about to drop the brand anytime soon. Of course, the Microsoft nay sayers will be adamant that Windows 7 is just a renamed Vista.

Strange that they do not say the same for Ubuntu versions, many of which are the last version plus updates. The latest Ubuntu version now has the safe Linux kernel 2.6.27. Were we not told that Linux has always been safe? If this is the safe kernel, what were the others?

When challenged, the nay sayers suggest that computers users have two computers set up, one with Windows on which to play games, and the Linux computer on which the user does ‘real’ work. A little bit over the top for you? Ok, how about dual booting Windows and Linux for the same reasons as above?

WHY?? A Windows only computer can do it all. You can install open source programming on Windows without having the bother and instability often found in dual boot form.

Windows 7 will have much in common with Windows Vista which had much in common with Windows XP which had much in common with Windows 2000. Do you want to know what will NOT be part of Windows 7? Take a look at the Windows ‘Live’ product lineup. Rumour is that none of them will be installed into Windows 7 by default. I hope that at least one more item gets added, and I hope that it is called ‘Windows Live FAX’.

If you prefer a non-Microsoft e-mail client or graphics image viewer, you can download it, and you will not have to make room for your choice by removing the Microsoft offering because it will not be on the hard drive.

There is a long way to go before Windows 7 is finalized, but you can rest assured that Microsoft has listened to the Vista criticism. There will be changes right up to the point where it is ‘Released To Manufacturing’.

The feature list will change, the general look will change, but one aspect will remain constant.

Microsoft Windows will still be the most versatile client operating system in existence..

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