Ultimate Windows Tweaker..

Whenever I installed Windows onto a computer, the first thing I would install was TweakUI. I wasn’t too fussed about the other items in the original Windows 95 Powertoys collection other than ‘Send to any folder’, but I hated the shortcut arrows with a passion, and I still do. The Windows Powertoys, for those who don’t know, were a collection of utilities created way back when by the backroom boys at Microsoft, and they enabled a computer user to access features not generally available. All versions of Windows 9x, 2000 and XP could use the original Win 95 version, and … Continue reading Ultimate Windows Tweaker..


At some point in time before November 20 of this year, the owners of the Start Page decided that it was time to generate revenue. On the morning of the 20th, anybody opening Pageflakes was greeted by a large advertisement securely anchored at the top right corner of the ‘flake’ area. For some like me, it was just a empty box because I use a hosts file that blocks adverts for the most part. The response generated in the Pageflakes forum by users was not good, and I was one of them. Within the hour, I had resurrected my old … Continue reading Pageflakes..

The Slippery Slope – Foxit..

If you were tired of waiting for Adobe Reader to respond, there were alternatives, and Foxit was one of them. It still is but there is a catch with version 3. The free version of Foxit is now sponsored by ASK.COM, and you can’t install Foxit 3.0 unless you agree to also installing the ‘Foxit’ toolbar. Not only that but when installed, your default search engine is……… ASK.COM The installation process doesn’t ask whether you want ASK.COM to be your preferred search engine. It just sets ASK.COM up. OK, so the toolbar can be silenced and the preferred search engine … Continue reading The Slippery Slope – Foxit..

One Care? Who cared?

Microsoft are discontinuing their ‘One Care’ protection service as of next year. I know of only one person who advocated it, and many who wouldn’t even take a look. To be honest, I don’t trust one stop protection, wouldn’t recommend it, and my guess is that many others didn’t either. In it’s place, Microsoft will offer a free ant-virus solution to be known as ‘Morro’. It has to be really good to beat NOD32 and even some of the other free ones out there already. Don’t expect Morro to appear in Windows Update any time soon. It will not make … Continue reading One Care? Who cared?

Wi-Fi Security – Queen to WPA.. Checkmate..

In the beginning, nobody really cared Then we heard that wireless Internet and networks could be intercepted So we all set up WEP encryption Last year, WEP Wi-Fi encryption was cracked in under a minute So we all moved to WPA encryption This year, WPA Wi-Fi encryption has been cracked. It takes between 12 and 15 minutes. Time to move to WPA2, guys and gals.. This is from PC World (the magazine) The work of Tews and Beck does not involve a dictionary attack, however. To pull off their trick, the researchers first discovered a way to trick a WPA … Continue reading Wi-Fi Security – Queen to WPA.. Checkmate..

Piracy – the beginning of the end?

This is just the start. Maybe if enough civilized countries do this, there will be enough bandwidth left to be able to set up RSS news feeds and Internet radio station listening again.. “French pirates face net cut-off Sarkozy: “A decisive moment for the future of a civilized Internet” French plans to throw persistent pirates off the net have got closer to becoming law. The French Senate voted overwhelmingly in favour of the law, which aims to tackle ongoing piracy of music, movies, and games online. Those caught illegally sharing digital media will get warnings e-mailed and posted to them … Continue reading Piracy – the beginning of the end?