One Care? Who cared?

Microsoft are discontinuing their ‘One Care’ protection service as of next year. I know of only one person who advocated it, and many who wouldn’t even take a look. To be honest, I don’t trust one stop protection, wouldn’t recommend it, and my guess is that many others didn’t either.

In it’s place, Microsoft will offer a free ant-virus solution to be known as ‘Morro’. It has to be really good to beat NOD32 and even some of the other free ones out there already.

Don’t expect Morro to appear in Windows Update any time soon. It will not make an appearance until late 2009.

While on the topic of system protection, the ISP protection packages are none too good either. They quote big name stuff which I wouldn’t install on my system at a local level, let alone trust from a remote location.

I looked at how an ISP would deal with a virus infection where the client totally relied on the ISP protection, and the idea is that you call their support line for instructions on how to remove the virus. Some of those support guys don’t even remember their own name unless they look at their badge first.

If you want protection, go for products that many people use as long as they don’t have Norton or McAfee in the name someplace. 

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