At some point in time before November 20 of this year, the owners of the Start Page decided that it was time to generate revenue. On the morning of the 20th, anybody opening Pageflakes was greeted by a large advertisement securely anchored at the top right corner of the ‘flake’ area. For some like me, it was just a empty box because I use a hosts file that blocks adverts for the most part.

The response generated in the Pageflakes forum by users was not good, and I was one of them. Within the hour, I had resurrected my old customized Sympatico MSN start page and added all of my links that I regularly use. Others were heading off to Netvibes, Favoor and others.

The good news is that the advert box has been removed. I hope that the owners do find a way to keep it going, but please no more stunts like the last one.

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