Ultimate Windows Tweaker..

Whenever I installed Windows onto a computer, the first thing I would install was TweakUI. I wasn’t too fussed about the other items in the original Windows 95 Powertoys collection other than ‘Send to any folder’, but I hated the shortcut arrows with a passion, and I still do.

The Windows Powertoys, for those who don’t know, were a collection of utilities created way back when by the backroom boys at Microsoft, and they enabled a computer user to access features not generally available. All versions of Windows 9x, 2000 and XP could use the original Win 95 version, and one of the few differences was that the XP version installed into the regular Programs group rather than installing a Control Panel applet.

The ‘boys’ have been too busy doing other things, and thus far no Vista version has ever appeared.

Enter ‘Ultimate Windows Tweaker’.. It looks like this (image courtesy of SnagIt 9).UWT

There are seven sections including one specific to UAC, so there is plenty to keep you amused while customizing how your Vista looks and works.

Ultimate Windows Tweaker has been developed for WinVistaClub by Ramesh Kumar, and can be downloaded for free from here..


I have included it in my arsenal of really useful utilities..

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