What is the first thing that you will do when you power up your nice new shiny Vista computer?

If you are a beginner, you might:

  • look for and play Freecell
  • look for and play Solitaire

If you are a fairly accomplished Solitaire player, you might:

  • install Yahoo or Windows Live Messenger so that you can start chatting again
  • get somebody to install the software for your digital camera

If you are a fairly accomplished general user, you might:

  • install the software for your digital camera all by yourself
  • attempt to set up Windows Mail with your ISP mail account

If you are an ‘expert’ user, you might:

  • remove all of the crap trial software installed by the OEM
  • set up your ISP mail account and actually be able to send and receive mail

What you should be doing, ALL OF YOU, is:

  • checking out the OEM Welcome panel to see what it has to offer, e.g. recovery options, what is installed, how to contact the manufacturer
  • ensuring that you have a working, fully updated anti-virus and anti-spyware solution installed
  • responding quickly to any notification re updating the operating system

If the computer is not working very well, jittery perhaps, slow to respond, some things not obviously working, be prepared to take it back from whence it was bought. Don’t let family armchair experts try to fix problems. If you can’t wait to take it to a professional, seek advice in forums and newsgroups, but be aware that these are not places for easy answers necessarily.

Until you are sure that all is as it should be, avoid putting much by way of personal stuff on it.

Have patience, and above all, have a great day..

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