Windows 7 so far..

I do like it and it works very well on my aging computer, but I have to say this..

Regarding the removal of some features which I and many more see as ‘ease of use’, I am seeing  the present response as ‘take it or leave it’, a response which has brought nothing but bad press re Vista, IE7 and the Office ribbon..

If MS really have learned by their mistakes, they will not make the same ones again. MS has to understand that there are millions of users not in a position to voice up now, to take part in beta testing. These users are the silent majority who will vote with their $$$$$ when the time comes, and they will be bloody annoyed AGAIN if their $$$$$ get them an OS which they do not like using because every ‘ease of use’ feature has been replaced/changed, ostensibly for the sake of it.

If Win 7 bears more than a passing resemblance to Vista, that is not necessarily a bad thing. If it performs way better than Vista and BRINGS BACK the easy customization of XP, that will be a good thing.. 

Users will want to see new features and no doubt many will stick with them. For those of us who do not get along so well with some or all of the new features, there should be better recourse than having to dump the new OS totally and have to write off the $$$$$ that it cost to purchase..

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