48 Hours later..

and I had six hundred and four hits on my ‘Windows 7 Quick Launch’ piece.

I have had this many and more hits on other pieces which have appeared in this blog, but never is such a short time.

This tells me that at least six hundred and four people wanted to find out how to get this feature back, and that they were eager to get it back ASAP.

A niche feature? Hardly anybody ever used it? Considering the fact that my blog is not that well known, six hundred and four hits in such a short time is quite the number. If I was a ‘numbers’ person, I should be pleased and I am, BUT..

.. it also shows that people responsible for the finished product may not be listening to those who will be the end users, maybe out of touch with what users actually want..

I have said my piece re the above and the loss of the Classic view start menu in the Windows 7 Beta newsgroups, and will leave it at that now. If either or both are lost in the final release, don’t blame me. I did at least try to put in a word for them..

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