Annoying problems..

Yeah, yeah.. so the weasel word for problems these days is ‘challenges’ and, in fairness, it is not too far off of the mark in that many of the problems encountered ‘challenge’ one’s sanity.

Challenge #1

Why is it that windows do not hold their set position, and why is it that when you set them to stay where they want to be, they move to where you tried to place them in the beginning?

Challenge #2

Why do some applications respect the lower border of an extended Windows task bar when placed at the top of the screen while others abjectly don’t? This leads to another question. Why is the default place for the Windows task bar at the base of the desktop when every application ever known has the task bar at the top?

Challenge #3

CD packet writing is a really good idea, so why has there never been just one standard which would enable a packet written CD to work reliably from one computer to another?

Challenge #4

Some wireless receivers for keyboards and mice don’t work well if positioned too close to the mouse, keyboard, monitor, speakers or computer. OK, so where are we supposed to place them? On the floor? Dangling over the side of the desk? Anchored to a helium filled party balloon maybe?

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