Windows 7 Beta..

I have installed the 32bit version because the scanner does not have 64bit drivers available. If I can’t get the scanner recognised, I will install the 64bit version of Windows 7. Twenty minutes install from start to finish. It picked up ALL of my hardware except for the Canon Lide 30. It found my network after I changed the workgroup name to match the others. It works really well. If all of the software I use daily works on it, I may use it as my primary OS. Before I fully commit, I will have to acquire another SATA drive. … Continue reading Windows 7 Beta..

Snappy start-up = no features

I did something recently that I have never done before. I used the ‘disable’ function in WinPatrol to eliminate some start-up items. For the most part, they were the ones which auto start but don’t show in the notification area, so I would lose nothing, yes? NO! I knew that the problem wasn’t related to the installation of the SP2 Beta because everything worked directly afterwards. I just could not understand what I could have installed that would stop the onscreen keyboard notices popping up on demand. So I visited the keyboard and mouse hole in Control Panel, looked around, … Continue reading Snappy start-up = no features

Features and Functions.. Browsers

When I ran IE6 as my default browser, like many others I also had the Google toolbar installed but, other than the Google search box, I didn’t use any of its other features. Did I reduce the toolbar footprint and customize it down to the search box only? Nope, because, you never know when you may need the other features. I can categorically state that I NEVER needed any of its other features, and I don’t miss seeing them either. After having installed the IE7 beta, I couldn’t remove it fast enough. However, I realized that if I was going … Continue reading Features and Functions.. Browsers