Vista SP2 RC..

An error message when I tried to uninstall the Beta version.. not a good start. I should have been prepared for what followed.

Second attempt to uninstall the Beta worked well enough.

I had already downloaded the SP2 RC Wave 0, so all that was needed was a double click. Experience with the beta lead me to believe that all would be well in maybe 40 minutes.

Oh yeah!!

Forty minutes passed, as did one, two, three, four hours, and still the red activity LED is working overtime. The only saving grace is that I did not have to disconnect the scanner before I could get the Welcome screen.

I am about to reboot to see what happens. It can’t get much worse. I read in the Beta newsgroups that some couldn’t uninstall the Beta for love or money. Getting beyond that hurdle doesn’t make it any easier, guys..

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