Internet Explorer 8

.. is finally RTM, and despite some saying that it still has bugs, it works for me. In fact, in 64bit guise, it works extremely well for me, but then all I want to do is browse with it.

  • The compatibility button (to the left of ‘refresh’) seems to work with website pages which seem not to display too well at first load, and the whole thing looks nice and clean.
  • Unlike Firefox, there is no annoying popup offering the installation or update  of yet another add-in.
  • It lacks the confusing and for the most part useless array of features in Maxthon 2. This is a good thing, by the way.
  • In 64bit guise, it loads fast
  • It works..

So what else should a browser do? What were you expecting?

Security is always an issue and IE8 is probably as good as any and apparently better than Apple’s Safari which, if you read between the lines, can almost be breached just by opening it. You have to face facts. A browser is like a domestic cat flap. It is designed and installed to make life easier for one’s own pet cat, but try putting that message across to any local moggy, Skunk, Raccoon or Squirrel.

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