Vista and keyboard scroll wheels..

I wrote about this when Vista first appeared. It took a while for the manufacturer to produce proper drivers for Microsoft keyboards, and when it was finally released, everything worked except for the scroll wheel. Subsequent driver releases were made, but the scroll wheel never worked. Up until now, I had given up on it ever working in Vista. Tonight, I received an e-mail from a Vista 64 user asking if I ever found a solution. I replied back that I hadn’t, but it gotten me thinking.

I knew that it worked in XP, and via beta testing Windows 7, I knew that it worked for ‘7’. On the basis that Windows 7 is owes much to the core of Vista, I decided to try out the Windows 7 driver, installing it into Vista. OK, some good news. Finally, after the longest time, I have a working keyboard scroll wheel and no obvious detrimental side effects.

I have only tried out the 64bit version, but would like feedback from anybody who has/had the same problem with the 32bit variety. 

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