Conficker alert – here we go again..

Apparently, Conficker is out in the wild and doing it’s stuff according to those ‘in the know’. Just for the record, other worms are doing exactly the same. So don’t panic. Ensure that your system is up to date. Run your anti-malware programs, use common sense, and we will all meet unscathed on the other side, ok?

Have you been ‘confickered’?

You may not necessarily realize that you have, but there are people out there who monitor the progress of worms, Trojans and viruses. The good news is that on this day, April 1st 2009, the Conficker worm does not appear to have propagated as the rumors would have had us believe. So should would be even more vigilant tomorrow? I read somewhere that the nice people at Symantec have promised to be on the ball, but I personally think that the damage has already been done. So, have you been confickered? If you were panicking because you thought that your … Continue reading Have you been ‘confickered’?