Browser Ballots

The EU Commission appears to have coerced Microsoft into including a ‘browser ballot’ in the upcoming release of Windows 7E. Why do EU residents get to have all of the fun? Time for some fun of my own.. The ballot: Firefox – the top page hit will always be a link to ‘March of the Penguins’ Maxthon – may include Green Dam software which will prevent viewing ‘March of the Penguins’ Opera – ‘March of the Penguins’ is filtered out as Penguins are not indigenous to Norway Safari – you can browse whatever you like as long as you have … Continue reading Browser Ballots


To be perfectly honest, I am not generally a fan of any utility which claims to increase or maintain the speed of a computer. There have been a few over time, some free to use, others not, and I have never been able to tell if any of them performed as claimed. What you get: A registry cleaner.. uh oh!! A free space re-claimer A ‘trace’ eraser A drive optimizer The registry cleaner only cleans out entries which would make little difference to anything. If it did more than that in auto mode, there would always be a chance that … Continue reading PerfectSpeed.

August 6

Some of us are going to be busy come the day. Apparently, the English versions of Windows 7 RTM will appear on MSDN and TechNet servers. Just like November 17 2006, we will all be pressing F5 to refresh the download pages, eager to get the final version installed onto our systems. Then comes the tedious job of installing our supporting software, MS Office, anti-virus solutions etc. Then importing PST files across to the new installation. Depending upon the speed of the download, we could be up and running within around two hours. It’s going to be fun. I started … Continue reading August 6

Monitor Aspect Ratios unraveled..

Sometimes, the native resolution of a newly purchased monitor can make it hard to read for those who do not have 20:20 vision. And then there are those who like to see more on their monitors and have good enough eyesight to cope. I have to use reading glasses for working on the computer anyway, so I have my two 19” CRTs set for UXGA 1600 x 1200. The table below shows the alternative resolutions which will work for the most popular aspect ratios. Screen type NTSC TV Standard CRT Standard LCD Wide LCD Wide LCD Wide LCD and HDTV … Continue reading Monitor Aspect Ratios unraveled..

It’s simple..

This morning, I read a post in a newsgroup where a computer user had endeavored to use the Vista backup facility. The backup software selected the D drive, but the computer user did not realize that the D drive was the recovery partition. The backup reported as failing, so the user FORMATTED the D drive, and tried again without success because the partition held the system recovery files before the format, and was never going to be large enough for a full system backup. So what can this person do now? If the machine is not exactly new, the chance … Continue reading It’s simple..

Waiting for 7?

I know that RC is good until July 2010, but do I feel like setting up an RC with all that I run just to do it again at some point in the not so distant future? I would have to install Office 2007 Ultimate which is already installed in Vista 64 SP2 and, at the moment, Vista is working well for me. I have a multiplicity of other stuff too which includes ESET NOD32. So, until Windows 7 gains RTM status, Vista is my main operating system. However, a 160gb SATA drive has been cleared in readiness. In the … Continue reading Waiting for 7?

Google Chrome OS?

Hmmmmmmm.. based on Open Source technology? Sounds to me like another “Debian” job. Just what we need, eh. It will be first seen on netbooks, a type of portable computer which saw massive growth initially, but which will wane as users find out that “underpowered” and “too small” do not exactly equate to a good experience. The new OS appears to assume that most computer users only surf the Internet and exchange e-mail, which may not be entirely right. After the netbook trial, no doubt it will be seen on notebooks and maybe desktops too, but will it offer any … Continue reading Google Chrome OS?