Google Chrome OS?

Hmmmmmmm.. based on Open Source technology? Sounds to me like another “Debian” job. Just what we need, eh. It will be first seen on netbooks, a type of portable computer which saw massive growth initially, but which will wane as users find out that “underpowered” and “too small” do not exactly equate to a good experience.

The new OS appears to assume that most computer users only surf the Internet and exchange e-mail, which may not be entirely right. After the netbook trial, no doubt it will be seen on notebooks and maybe desktops too, but will it offer any more than Ubuntu does or can?

Microsoft Windows lives on because the “mass computer” industry was built around it. The industry made dollar fortunes from it.  Computer users who go for the idea of a free operating system will want free stuff on the scale of what has been produced for Windows, but who will be willing to do it for no return? Me? You? Yeah right..  

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