Waiting for 7?

I know that RC is good until July 2010, but do I feel like setting up an RC with all that I run just to do it again at some point in the not so distant future? I would have to install Office 2007 Ultimate which is already installed in Vista 64 SP2 and, at the moment, Vista is working well for me. I have a multiplicity of other stuff too which includes ESET NOD32. So, until Windows 7 gains RTM status, Vista is my main operating system. However, a 160gb SATA drive has been cleared in readiness.

In the meantime, I have been playing with Windows Live Mail which I will use for newsgroup access. I could use Outlook, but importing NNTP really fills it up and means that I lose my place in the groups if I have to deal with incoming mail. Unfortunately, Windows 7 will not be serviced by newsgroups, and I may well be seeing less of Live Mail than Windows Mail or Outlook Express before it.

The big bosses have decided that forums are the way forward. They can be better controlled re keeping disruptive trolls at bay, but they are clumsy in operation for people like me who have grown up on the rough, ready and fast newsgroups. I am hoping that somebody can come up with a workable NNTP to Forum bridge before I lose interest in helping Windows 7 users. I may sound as if I am being selfish, but I have a life outside of online communities, and I already spend more time in community areas than psychologists would most likely consider safe.

So, come on guys, release Windows 7. We had Vista a little over two months before it was released to the general public, and I know that there is still a little over four months until Windows 7 hits the store shelves, but everything else about Windows 7 has been done super speed, so why not the technical release?

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