To be perfectly honest, I am not generally a fan of any utility which claims to increase or maintain the speed of a computer. There have been a few over time, some free to use, others not, and I have never been able to tell if any of them performed as claimed.

What you get:

  1. A registry cleaner.. uh oh!!
  2. A free space re-claimer
  3. A ‘trace’ eraser
  4. A drive optimizer

The registry cleaner only cleans out entries which would make little difference to anything. If it did more than that in auto mode, there would always be a chance that the computer may well be compromised.

The free space re-claimer will delete temp files and empty the recycle bin. It will also find duplicate files, and it is nice to see that it does NOT look for any and all duplicates. By default, it is set to look for picture, music and text documents file types, so removing the chance of accidentally removing system files as duplicate file removers of old would do. Lastly, there is a function which shows you what is taking up space on the drive.

The trace eraser will remove cookies, temporary internet files, recently used document and browsing history, and it will also shred files if you are the type who likes to remove any chance of file recovery.

The drive optimizer is essentially a basic defragmenter, looking like PerfectDisk without options. And yes, you can watch the little squares move around..    

So who needs PerfectSpeed?

Those who:

  1. forget to do basic maintenance
  2. would like a one stop computer wash ‘n brush up
  3. can’t live with the fact that useless files may be lurking in a corner someplace 

I am not convinced about the ‘speed’ part, but the fact that it automates some of the processes and that it consolidates a few useful features in a small neat package could make it useful for more than a few computer users.

If you want to try it and maybe buy it at an introductory price, go to here..

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