Browser Ballots

The EU Commission appears to have coerced Microsoft into including a ‘browser ballot’ in the upcoming release of Windows 7E. Why do EU residents get to have all of the fun?

Time for some fun of my own.. The ballot:

  1. Firefox – the top page hit will always be a link to ‘March of the Penguins’
  2. Maxthon – may include Green Dam software which will prevent viewing ‘March of the Penguins’
  3. Opera – ‘March of the Penguins’ is filtered out as Penguins are not indigenous to Norway
  4. Safari – you can browse whatever you like as long as you have QuickTime and iTunes installed too
  5. Google Chrome – comes as part of a package including Google updater, Google Earth, Google Moon, Google this, Google that
  6. Internet Explorer – the browser which shot Nutscape.. you can view any web page except for the few created by socialist trolls who want you to have the freedom of choice to only be able to view in Firefox

Votes to be submitted on a postcard to:

EU Commission, Sauvé nos post-personnes Dept, Bruxelles, Centre d’Universe

One thought on “Browser Ballots

  1. I am very excited for the EU making this decision. If less people used IE (or better no one) we would have more classes of problems that we could solve in browsers. IE continues to drag us web developers through the mud only to persist the problems in it. The amount of time and effort spent just to get apps and site to work the same in IE as they do in FF, Chrome and Safari is sickening. For what? Just to persist this POS browser in the enterprise?

    Part of me thinks that MS is dragging its feet with IE because they know app developers have to support it and it keeps them from authoring any high performance graphic intensive apps that might otherwise compete with Silverlight.

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