Windows 7 – By late afternoon..

Still no joy with the NOD32 firewall. It sets up and then fails on a reboot. Oh well, the Windows firewall has always served me well and I have no reason to believe that it will not do the same now. I will contact ESET about it later.

The next few items have installed without problems, but I have only checked out basic functions of each so far..

  • Acronis Disk Director 10 – Easeus is a good alternative, but I have this one
  • Acronis TrueImage Echo Workstation – works better than the home version
  • Cyberlink DVD Suite 6 – I like the Power2Go 6 part
  • Diskeeper 2009 – Still the least obtrusive of its genre
  • Easy Recovery Professional 6.12 – the expense.. will be the last version I ever buy
  • Microsoft MapPoint North America 2009 – Invaluable for finding new client locations
  • Microsoft Office Accounting Pro 2009 – Does everything except pay what I owe
  • Microsoft FrontPage 2003 – Enables me to construct and maintain my own website
  • SnagIt 9.1.2 – The Vista snipping tool on steroids.. a brilliant piece of software
  • Windows Live essentials – but not Parental Controls or the Live Toolbar

I am slowly adjusting to the ‘not-as-pretty-as-Vista’ interface, there is still the problem of how to make the Start Menu work for me and I have already set up two user defined toolbars, both of which are filling up nicely. I can afford to do this because I run a double height taskbar at the top of the screen, and it still leaves room for a record of what is running on the screens somewhere.

As speed goes, it is difficult to tell. When beta testing, I had very little installed. Now, Windows 7 is carrying the same load as Vista 64 did, and it has made a distinct difference. However, the gadgets appear to have less slowing effect now they are not tied to a sidebar. Talking of gadgets, I use ‘Control System’ which is better that the native Windows 7 ‘shutdown/restart’ button.

main screen

Anyway, welcome to my gateway into Windows 7, half of it at least. There is another screen to the left of this one, but I wanted to show the toolbar and notification area more clearly..

More to follow..

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