Windows 7 – The morning after..

The start menu change is still pending, and I am finding settings here and there which need adjustment but, apart from that, I have a workable Windows 7 workstation with all applications and utilities installed that I use daily. Only when I am looking for the location of something am I reminded that this is NOT Vista or any of the other Windows NT based operating systems.

This is how it should be, of course. As important as the operating system is, the applications installed are what makes a computer anything approaching useful. I have found that the major applications which worked in Vista will work equally as well in Windows 7. I am not so sure about some third party utilities though. Some are not installing correctly, and a popup appears, should appear, to confirm this.I would advise against trying to force them to work. Look for alternatives if you can.

Sorry people, but gimmicks leave me cold. Aero Shake has as much going for it as CompizFusion for Linux in my opinion. I don’t want gimmicks but I guess it will ensure squeals of joy from some.

Anyway, it works well and seems to be devoid of some of the issues which dogged Vista. Upgrading from XP may still be a problem, especially if peripheral devices date back to early XP. I notice that while there was a specific Vista driver for my HP 5150 printer, now there is just a combination driver which covers a number of earlier discontinued printers. it is very much ‘luck of the draw’ and with respect, it always has been.

One question: Why is System Restore disabled by default? I hope that the OEMs set their images with System Restore working. If they don’t, there are going to be some disgruntled users posting to forums and newsgroups.

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