The Best Ever Utility?

Contained in the Windows 95 Powertoys was a small utility called ‘Send ToX’. All one had to do was right click on one of the two files which had a right click option to ‘install’ and then click on ‘install’. A couple of popup windows would appear, and that was it. Thereafter, right clicking on any file gave you the option to ‘send to any folder’. The best part is that this small utility worked in all desktop versions of Windows up to and including Vista.

Guess what? It doesn’t work in Windows 7, and I know because I just tried it. The one great thing about it was that it was perfectly safe to use. It didn’t move anything, it just copied. So if the computer developed a problem half way through a send, the user lost nothing.

Wipe the tears away because there is a replacement which works in much the same way. It isn’t a product made by the Microsoft PowerToys team, but it works for Vista and Windows 7. Brink of Vista64 and WindowsSevenForums fame has a page which contains two ‘reg’ files, one which adds the functions and one which removes the functions. Here is the link:

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