Windows 7 – After the dawn

Initially, everything went along quite well. Windows installed in 30 minutes and, before too long, Office was working too. Updates followed very quickly, and I was pleased with the progress. Under normal circumstances, I would copy my old start menu structure across and re-install whatever was in each section, generally utilities first. This is no longer possible. So, I decided to get NOD32 in place after installing Office 2007. Ouch!! It looked ok at first, but as I started to install other stuff, I was advised that either the firewall of anti-virus was blocking stuff. After temporarily disabling NOD32, I … Continue reading Windows 7 – After the dawn

Windows 7 is installed

It took just 30 minutes from start to finish. The computer rebooted at 7:45 pm into the desktop, and I have been working since then to set up the computer to much the same state as it was when running Vista. A video card upgrade in Vista just prior to me starting the Win 7 install, sent Vista into a spasm, so maybe it was trying to tell me something. To be honest, I was not overly impressed as it was the first major problem I have had with Vista in over two years So, here I am, standing in the doorway to … Continue reading Windows 7 is installed

In a few hours..

I will be downloading Windows 7. That will be the most tedious part, watching the download speed go up and down. Burning the ISO will take but a few minutes, turn off the computer, disconnect the other hard drives, boot from the DVD drive, and in less than an hour, Windows 7.. Then it will be time to do updates, re-connect the other drives and pick up stray device drivers. I think that I will delay installing NOD32 until I have Office up and running and the PST file imported. I am going to miss Windows Mail as my newsreader. … Continue reading In a few hours..

Five days left..

August 6th, Windows 7 RTM will be on TechNet and MSDN servers. Remember that RTM will require a clean install. Upgrade on top of RC is not recommended.. Good Luck..