In case you didn’t know..

Microsoft Answers lives here.. Windows Live, XP, Vista, 7 and Microsoft Security Essentials are covered now, and I am presuming that the list will encompass other Microsoft products before too long..

How to avoid the snakes..

During the last week of October, there are going to be many computer users upgrading their systems. I wonder how they will all work out? If it is buggy now.. It still will be after an ‘in place’ upgrade, so you need to do a bit of work before you start. Back up your data or entire system. Easeus have some free utilities which you might want to consider for this job. Run a CD lens cleaner in the optical drive that be holding the upgrade disk. The last thing you need is read errors caused by dust and dirt … Continue reading How to avoid the snakes..

Sticky networking

If you don’t know what a ‘Sticky’ is, you should maybe click on this link: OK, having read the blurb, you will now be aware of how useful ‘Stickies’ can be. I use them for sending info to other computers, an example being mail settings if I am setting up an existing mail account on one of the networked computers. When networking them, you should bear in mind two points: Names given to computers can be excessively long, as in ‘Home-GUZORNENPLATZ’. Best to use a shorter, more meaningful name.. The router DHCP facility will most likely assign a new … Continue reading Sticky networking

Win 7/Vista/XP networking – a possible solution

Ever since switching from XP to Vista, I have had problems maintaining a local network. It set up without issue, but after a short period, one could guarantee that Vista would lose sight of any computer within the network. Sometimes, even the XP machines would lose sight of each other, but less frequently. At the centre of my network is a D-Link DI 624 wireless router. This model has been discontinued and no longer receives support from D-Link. However, it is Vista compatible, and I will keep it for a while longer. The router has four ports, and there are … Continue reading Win 7/Vista/XP networking – a possible solution

Windows 7 – It works..

I have been using Win 7 since it was released to techs and, apart from the substantial annoyance of no classic menu, it is very much the same experience as using Vista, XP, W2K, ME, 98, 95, 3.1, 3.0. What I am trying to say is that it is just an operating system. I don’t use or like gimmicks, e.g. Aero Shake or the open source Compiz-Fusion, and my two new widescreen monitors do not have touch capability, so no three finger painting for me. It starts up faster than Vista did, but I don’t have as much starting up … Continue reading Windows 7 – It works..

Classic menu revisited – Part Two

Apologies for the gap in transmission. Like some early OEM Vista installations, I have been working but maybe not as well as expectations. In fact, at one point, I screwed everything up so bad to the point where I was considering starting over. Messing with start menus should only be attempted when firing on all cylinders, as it is easy to lose some application icons completely. OK, assuming that you are alert as you will ever be, you have to find the location of the start menus which form what you see when you click on the ORB. There are … Continue reading Classic menu revisited – Part Two