Sticky networking

If you don’t know what a ‘Sticky’ is, you should maybe click on this link:

OK, having read the blurb, you will now be aware of how useful ‘Stickies’ can be. I use them for sending info to other computers, an example being mail settings if I am setting up an existing mail account on one of the networked computers.

When networking them, you should bear in mind two points:

  1. Names given to computers can be excessively long, as in ‘Home-GUZORNENPLATZ’. Best to use a shorter, more meaningful name..
  2. The router DHCP facility will most likely assign a new internal IP address each time any of the computers are booted. Go to the DHCP section of the router control panel and assign static addresses for each computer. This will prevent each computer from losing sight of its friends.

Now, all you have to do is download ‘Stickies’ to each computer and set up ‘New Friends’  

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