Windows 7 – In the forums..

There are way too many spurious little problems, and on newish hardware too. I have an aging single core AMD 939 motherboard complete with aging peripheral devices, and Windows Vista 32 and 64-bit variants worked well as does Windows 7 64-bit.

I have a suspicion that it is down to the way that Windows is installed. I ALWAYS do a clean install, and I always have. I think that a lot of the problems I am seeing in the Microsoft Answers forum are down to users going down the UPGRADE path.

One of the 77 tips for Windows 7 as issued by Microsoft TechNet stated that a clean install is significantly less problematic than an upgrade. Nobody knows better than me that a clean install means a lot of work, but it is the best way for sure in the long run.

I really do wish that people would listen.. 

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